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Can you be sure of anything? A science-based worldview offers empirical certainty and sensible hope in a world left spinning from a smorgas-board of values. Superstition, sentiment, and saviors have been superseded in the era of materialism, naturalism and “New Atheism”. Science-based paradigms for interpreting reality have swept our culture. Evolution, clinical science, environmental science, and technology are redefining human identity, relationships, priority and hope. How will a Christian worldview interface with a Science-based view of the world in this era?

Christians, non-Christians and enquirers contribute to cross-disciplinary discussion: theology, sciences, philosophies, history, ethics, popular conscience etc. The common aim is to hear-out views, respectfully reason and personally develop/articulate coherent frameworks of understanding, principle and application. We concede that the truth will speak for itself in the end regardless of disagreement, and yet, there is benefit in better understanding what eachother consider true and helpful.

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  • After a conversation in the Facebook group, create a page with the title of the topic discussed. Read over the whole thread again and try to summarise the opposing positions. Post the link to the thread. Link to the page from the main page (In the section below), so people can find it.
  • Make a page describing a philosophy you'd like to link to later in a conversation.
  • Make a personal page about your philsophical (or other) views if you wish
  • ...

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While there aren't too many pages on the wiki, feel free to link any pages you create from here.

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